Wedding Ceremonies

     There are 2 types of ceremonies that Nancy

performs.  The first is what is typically called “The Civil Ceremony”.  It is short, to the point and there is usually a small gathering of guests.  Nancy has created a “Civil” ceremony that is more meaningful and heart-felt than the norm, because she feels that weddings should be memorable, no matter how quick the ceremony!

    The second type of ceremony is the Personal ceremony. Nancy will at first meet with the couple and discuss with them what they envision for their ceremony. She asks a series of questions with which she begins her process of writing. She stays in touch with them, either by phone, or by email, to answer any questions they might have, as well as ask her own. She will include any rituals, poetry, vows or music that the couple might like (or any other personal embellishments that they wish!). These ceremonies usually last about 15-30 minutes.  A copy of the ceremony is provided for future review and enjoyment by the couple and the generations to follow!